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Presentation of Zetor tractors

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montaza u Novom Sadu

Assemble line in Novi Sad

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Potpisivanje ugovora

Signing of the Industrial assemble Agreement

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sajam poljoprivrede NS

77-th Agricultural Fair - Novi Sad

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YTO-454 tractor in the orchard "Greeny", Orasac

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kosidba u rajcu

Mowing in Rajac

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oranje temerin

Ploughing for the sugar beet. Temerin

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News & Events

Presentation of Zetor tractors

„Agrovojvodina-Mehanizacija“ presented to public new brand. 6 ZETOR tractor models were shown. AKUD „Sonja Marinković“, Novi Sad participated in the program.

Assemble line in Novi Sad

Assemble line of Agrovojvodina-Mehanizacija, in Novi Sad, where the tractor YTO 454 is assembling. Trial 24 units sucesfully assembled. Assembling is continuing according to regional market needs. Assemble line is projected for 1000 units yearly.

Signing of the Industrial assemble Agreement

After five years of successful cooperation between YTO-GROUP and AGROVOJVODINE-MAHANIZACIJA company, the next, logical step was the signing of the Agreement for the establishing of the assemble line for YTO tractors for European market. Assemble line imply embedment of the domestic components and matching of the European standards. Aim is to reach the Serbian origin product certificate. Already, we are in the contact with some domestic component producers. We are starting with model YTO-454 in several options. We hope that in near future, next will be tractors 90 and 120 HP. In the neighboring countries, where we already have had established dealer net, market shown great interest for the model YTO-454.

77-th Agricultural Fair - Novi Sad

College on stand.
NEW. Successful presentation of the YTO-454 tractor from the assemble line in Novi Sad.
Buyers believe in the quality of our tractors - in first 3 days all 24 trial units from assemble line ware sold.

TTO-454 tractor in the orchard "Greeny", Orasac

Plantation of apples and refrigerator "Greeny" in Orasac. Our two tractor YTO-454 perform jobs mowing, milling and spray atomizer drawn.

Mowing in Rajac

Our first participation on the manifestation „Kosidba na Rajcu“; kind hosts and visitors who show interest, evaluate our participation as successful. Even the rain haven’t spoilt the „hand mowing“ competition and presentation in work – tractor YTO 454 aggregated with disc mower „Agromehanika Boljevac“.

Ploughing for the sugar beet. Temerin

Visiting Mr. Imre Kalman, owner of the YTO X1204 tractor aggregated width Unia reversible 3 bodies plough on Family farm in Temerin. Ploughing depth, as preparation for the sugar beet, is 35 cm, working width 40 cm.

76 sajam poljoprivrede u Novom Sadu 76 sajam poljoprivrede u Novom Sadu 76 sajam poljoprivrede u Novom Sadu

Political leaders visiting China.

Biggest China tractor manufacturer Management in talks with our President Tadic and Minister Dinkic.

76 sajam poljoprivrede u Novom Sadu 76 sajam poljoprivrede u Novom Sadu 76 sajam poljoprivrede u Novom Sadu

76. Agricultural Fair Novi Sad

At the entrance of our 1200 m² stand was 5 m height YTO tractor model.
Many owners of our tractors visited our stand. We can say that this Exhibition was successful, as significant number of new costumers bought new tractors using new credit lines supported by Agricultural ministry.

sajam gradjevine beograd sajam gradjevine beograd

Construction Fair Belgrade

Our stand looking from the air.

Exhibition Timisoara, Romania

On the Timisoara Exhibition we showed three YTO tractors and one Dalian 3.0 t forklift. Visitors showed interest for our tractors. Our Romania dealer will continue activity on this market.

sajam Arad Rumunija sajam Arad Rumunija sajam Arad Rumunija

Exhibition Arad, Romania

With the aim of further marketing activities on the market of Romania, we exhibit on the Arad Exhibition.
YTO tractors ware showed, farmers showed great interested for our tractors.

sajam plodiv bugarska 1 sajam plodiv bugarska 2 sajam plodiv bugarska 3

Exhibition Plovdiv, Bulgaria – surprised by the snow in February

Great interest of Bulgarian farmers for YTO tractors.
30 cm of snow in just one night.
Photo for memory – with our Bulgarian costumers and our dealer.

Poseta naše delegacije Kini

Receiving award

Our delegation visited China YTO tractor company, Luoyang, one of the biggest tractor and construction machine manufacturers. Our company was awarded as the most successful dealer on the Balkan’s.

Bjelovar Bjelovar Bjelovar

Bjelovar Fair, Croatia

Our Croatian dealer, „SE-KRA”, showed YTO tractor gamut on the Bjelovar Fair. Successful selling and proved quality on this market too.

Setva kukuruza na poljima Nova Budućnost

Seeding in Zarkovac

Corn seeding on the fields of “Nova Buducnost” Zarkovac Company. Tractor YTO X1204 carries 12-row Mascar sowing machine. Speed 7.5 km/h, fuel consumption 2.5 l/ha. Same combination in sugar been seeding, speed 4-4.5 km/h, fuel consumption 4.42 l/ha. Soya seeding, speed 6.5 km/h, fuel consumption 4.41 l/ha.

jesenje oranje borac jesenje oranje borac

Autumn plugging, “Borac” Surjan

Example of using 3-furrow reversible plough on YTO X1204 tractor, on the hard soil.

setva psenice banski despotovac setva psenice banski despotovac setva psenice banski despotovac

Reduced soil preparation, autumn seeding, family Bozic fields in Banatski Despotovac

Two YTO X1204 tractors equipped with 15 working body stubble cultivator and 4 m pneumatic sowing machine in sunflower seeding.

agrovojvodina promocija agrovojvodina proocija 1 agrovojvodina proocija 2

Hunting “silver fox”, Vladimirovac, Alibunar

LChase is good opportunity for meeting friends and costumers.

43. savetovanje agronoma srbije 43. savetovanje agronoma srbije

Serbian agronomists meeting, organized by Institute for Crop Science, Zlatibor

We ware the guests of Institute for Crop Science , Novi Sad.
Presentation, meeting business partners; spare time with music.

Mala Bosna setva Mala Bosna setva

Corn seeding on the fields of Mala Bosna Companye

Our YTO X1204 tractor equipped with 8 – row sowing machine, working with ease.

Zastita hmeljarnika Matica Cenej Zastita hmeljarnika Matica Cenej

Hop protection, Matica , Cenej

Tractor YTO 454 equipped with trailed sprayer 1500 l.

We will do our best to keep you inform about our activities and where works our mechanization

poljoprivredna i gradjevinska mehanizacija